Nuts roasted industry will have 6-8 times growth

2017-01-05 by Tina
Nuts is the essence of the plant part, usually rich nutrition, including protein, fat, minerals, vitamins is higher, to the human body growth and development, enhance physical fitness, disease prevention has excellent efficacy. See there are more than two months is about to celebrate the Spring Festival, nuts, sales are about to enter the golden period. Have expert analysis says, nuts, the market has been steady growth in our country, the future there will be six times the industry as a whole nuts nuts to eight times more growth space. The judgment analysis,it is really good news for nut roasted machine manufacturers.
The improvement of consumer health consciousness is to promote nuts nuts market an important cause of rapid development. In addition, the rapid development of e-commerce, the change of consumer shopping habits at the same time, also promote the rapid development of the nuts nuts market.

Although electricity business channels is growing rapidly, but current nuts nuts market main sales channel is dependent on the retail, wholesale and distribution channels, with 58% of nuts nuts from these channels to consumers' hands. However, it is worth noting that in see nuts nuts market rapid development at the same time, the current industry development is faced with some problems. Such as import nuts incoming pushed up the price of nuts, affected the consumer's purchase desire; Product homogeneity serious in taste, packaging, make customer loyalty is low; Nuts nuts industry are mainly composed of family enterprises, the lack of marketing talent, also affect the enterprise bigger and stronger.

In China food industry association professional committee of nuts nuts junxing Chen's view, the future prospects of the development of nuts food market in China is huge, edible nuts nuts food 28 grams per person a day according to the calculation, the future whole nuts nuts industry will have 6 to 8 times of room to grow.


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