Development of food machinery in China

2017-01-10 by sherry
The development of food industry and food machinery in China can be divided into three stages.
First stage:
Before 1950s, the main production and processing of food based on manual operation, is basically a traditional workshop production. Only in some large cities along the coast have a small amount of industrialized production of food processing plants, equipment used almost all foreign equipment. The foodstuff processing plant slightly better than the food processing plant. In this stage, the industrialized production of grain processing plant is mainly based on the industrial production of flour. But the same equipment used in flour mills is almost entirely foreign machines. It can be said that in 50s there was hardly a decent factory specializing in the production of food machinery.
Second stage:
1950s to 1970s, Food processing industry and food machinery industry has been greatly developed throughout the country to build a new second phase of a large number of food processing plants, especially flour, rice, edible oil production and processing plant. In most of the major grain processing plants in the basic realization of the initial mechanized industrial production. However, the food processing plant in the same period is still in the semi mechanical and semi manual production mode, the machine processing is only used in some key processes, and other production processes are still using the traditional manual operation mode. With the development of food industry in this stage, the food machinery industry has also been rapid development throughout the country a new year's development, making the domestic batch of specialized production of food and food machinery manufacturing plant. Food machinery industry in China after nearly 30 years of development, the domestic food machinery can basically meet the needs of the development of the food industry in our country, the stage of implementation of the industrialization of food production has made a significant contribution to the food machinery industry, it has formed an independent industrial machinery.
Third stage
After the reform in 1980s, the food industry has been developing rapidly. Open policy lead the foreign investment, with the foreign investment. With the introduction of foreign investment, there have been many foreign investment, joint ventures and other forms of food processing enterprises. While these enterprises lead the advanced food production process technology into the country, they lead a large number of advanced food machinery into China. In this stage, through the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced food machinery technology, China's food machinery industry has been greatly improved.

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