How to Make Peanut Brittle Candy?

2017-02-03 by Lisa
In the past, people always make peanut brittle by their hands, this method usually takes human and material resources and time consuming, can not do a large amount of peanut candy, oneself use hand-made peanut candy often do not grasp the heat to fry peanuts, lead to peanut candy made of black color and taste.
peanut candy  machine
The emergence of peanut candy machine, we don't have to worry about the occurrence of similar phenomena, peanut candy equipment use the cutter to cut peanuts candy, sesame candy, melon seeds candy, the size of candy can be customized as required. The peanut candy making machine easy to operate, uniform slices, is a self-employed, large and medium-sized factory replace manual cutter will choose equipment. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

The production line is consist of heating stirring, reciprocating planish, automatic cutting, with simple operation, stir well, finished product size, gram weight are consistent. Far infrared heating, don't touch the barrel wall, stir well, non-stick pan. Automatic pressure control of reciprocating motion, the average level. Automatic cutter, a molding.
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