How to Choose a Peanut Fryer from Frying Machinery Manufacturers?

2018-04-17 by Lisa
People are more and more fond of fried food. With more and more food factories upgrading traditional soil cooker, the outstanding problem in front of the food factory is how to choose a type of peanut fryer suitable for its own in many fryer manufacturers. The main consideration is in several aspects.
peanut frying machine
1. how to control the temperature of oil and water? Our frying machine adopts unique oil and water separation technology. The oil temperature control is set at 0-300 degrees, and the water temperature is controlled at 25 degrees.
2. the extremely low temperature in the water area ensures that the residue left behind in the frying zone will not be heated for two times, avoiding the two damage to the frying area and prolonging the service life of the frying oil.
3. during the frying process, the time of the frying can be filtered, and the unique design of the dregs of the fryer ensures the complete fall of the residue during the frying process and prevent the carbonization and fission of the fried oil.
4. material of the equipment: the whole machine adopts food grade stainless steel, which is in line with QS standard.
5. temperature control adopts intelligent temperature control to ensure the consistency of the fried products. 

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