Working Principle of Peanut Peeling Machine

2017-01-19 by sherry
Peanut peeling machine is one of the most important tools for agricultural development. It is mainly used to roll rubbing peeling method, it has stable and reliable performance, long service life, its half grain rate is low, good quality and so on, suitable for processing all kinds of peanut.

The peel structure of peanut peeling machine Mainly have steel bar or steel grid concave plate structure, rubber roller or rubber floating concave plate structure. Peeling machine made from the rack, a fan, a rotor, a single-phase motor, the screen (size two), into the hopper, vibration screen, belt pulley and the transmission belt. After the normal operation of the machine, the peanut is fed into the hopper in a quantitative, uniform and continuous manner, and the peanut shell is broken under repeated attack, friction and collision of the rotor.

Under the rotating wind pressure and blow, peanut kernels and broken peanut shells through the aperture of the screen (peanut first shelling with a large hole sieve threshing, after cleaning, replaced small hole screen mesh to conduct the second shelling). At this time, peanut shell and kernel suffer the blowing effect of rotating fan. The peanut shell with light weight is blown out of the machine, the peanut particles are screened by vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Gelgoog’s peeling machine can:

a.Remove the skin of peanuts/almond/chicpeas off easily and gently like human hand.
b.High peeling rate. high whole kernel rate.No pollution.
c.Peanut peeling machine can peel bigger chicpeas,almond also.
d.Peeled peanut/chicpeas/almond are used for frying.

peanut peeling machine

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