Quietly savor a sugar in the coffee

2016-12-19 by Tina
Coffee, it's really bitter, bitter enough to break my years thinking, day by day, squeezed my throat a sweet, shed a broken heart and tears. Especially rich in the dim light of night, the ooze cardiopulmonary of bitter coffee, as if to take me into the darkness of the free, bite, as if to say.
I thought, this coffee, oh, or the coffee cup, silent care, but with me. Our goods of bitter, smell of incense, carrying the hot, cold and fleeting, has always been the life of all. However, coffee has done, but there is always unsustainable empty.

Friends say, you drink coffee, how to don't add sugar? Sugar, shape and qualitative hard, old and net, not glue the hand, don't move, not the palate, not taste agent. As a gentleman, concentric, but yourself and save. I always admire such a gentleman, just light its sweet, will not take coffee.
Civilization originated in the attempt. I tried to throw a sugar cube into the immensity of the bitter.

I were disillusioned, the lingering bitterness, the appetite of incense, came too easily. Easy to let I forgot how to taste a cup of coffee. Let I almost forgot, coffee is not to achieve a particular purpose. Bitter, sweet comfortable, less a sugar cube, the coffee heart but forgot how to ease.

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