Sachima: A popular sanck in China

2016-12-19 by sherry
Sachima, also spelled Shaqima is a common Chinese pastry found in many Chinese-speaking regions. Each regional cuisine has its own slightly different variation of this food, though the appearance of all versions is essentially the same. It is made of fluffy strands of fried batter bound together with a stiff sugar syrup, showing similarity to American Rice Krispies Treats. Sachima: A popular sanck in China
In Manchu cuisine originally, sachima is a sweet snack. It mainly consists of flour, butter, and rock sugar. It is now popular in mainland China among children and adults.
The Cantonese pastry version of sachima is slightly sweet. It is also made of essentially the same ingredients as the other varieties of sachima. It is often sprinkled with sesame seeds, raisins or dried coconut. The Cantonese variety of sachima ranges from chewy to crunchy in texture. Most overseas Chinatowns offer the Cantonese style of the pastry. It is commonly found in Hong Kong. "Dynasty" is one of the most authentic brand since 1945 which are found in supermarkets and local grocers.
Many of the Fujian distribution companies manufacture packaged versions of Sachima. This version has sesame and is made of wheat flour, vegetable oil, egg, milk, granular sugar, and malt sugar. The taste is comparatively plain compared to the more sweetened Cantonese version.
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