Sesame paste is a silent "calcium"

2016-12-19 by Tina
Sesame is the main ingredient of sesame seeds, a pound of sesame seeds can be grind 400g sesame paste, the nutritional value and sesame similar. as we all know, high nutritional value of sesame, of which the role of linoleic acid to regulate cholesterol, but also has a nourishing effect, of course, the nutrition of sesame sauce, of course not worse.

1, because sesame seeds are oil-bearing crops, so the high concentration of oil in the sesame paste. According to the latest edition of the "Chinese food composition table, the fat content as high as 52.7%, sesame seed paste so recommend dilution as possible when eat sesame paste, and pay attention to the content of other ingredients of the oil level in the day, in order to avoid overweight.
2, rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E content is higher in oil crops, sesame seed paste is not exceptional also, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant nutrients, can be anti-aging, beauty skin, enhance immunity, etc., especially suitable for the elderly and women.
3, of dietary fiber. Sesame crust is rich in dietary fiber, pure sesame paste is as high as 5.9 g / 100 g of dietary fiber, but due to the need to dilute sesame sauce, we truly intake of dietary fiber content is not high, so don't be confused by it.
4, rich in calcium. the calcium content of sesame paste is nearly 10 times higher than milk, water even when eating, low calcium content is no better than milk. So, in the summer eat some sesame paste or help to supplement calcium.

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