Some detail you do not know about the peanut chopping machine

2016-12-05 by Tina
Peanut chopping machine is the new peanut and sesame cutting equipment. It is composed of feeding, elevating, slicing and vibration separation. The peanut chopping machine can be used to slice and separate all kinds of granular, sheet and strip material such as sesame, peanut, soybean, medicinal herbs, etc. The biggest advantage of peanut cutting machine is the high yield and no greasy after slicing. Contact material part, vibrating screen and frames are all made of stainless steel. Vibrating screen is the flat screen with four discharging mouth. It can be divided into 2-4.5 mm in diameter and powder. Cable with thread groove is safe and beautiful and the welding lines are smooth and beautiful. The particles are uniform without strip.
Peanut chopping machine (particles) absorption of similar products have the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, energy consumption, convenient use, the cutting product granularity, beautiful, low material consumption, no greasy phenomenon, is a ideal choice of the food processing industry.
peanut chopping machine composed of hopper, conveyor, chopped, vibration hierarchical organizations, etc. Peanut by homogeneous feeding hopper to the food on the conveyor belt, the adjustable speed of conveyor belt blanking into reciprocating knife chop chop institutions, and then by vibration screening, receive pieces of specifications.
This machine is mainly suitable for vegetables, peanut, nuts, chopped, by vibration feeding, chopped, classification of three parts, including vibration feeding can make peanuts evenly in digging bucket onto the generator hopper, is beneficial to uniform hob chopped, part classification using spiral drum, screen mesh with different specifications, so as to achieve the requirements specifications.
 Upper and lower two levels of cutting knife, cutting knife clearance can be adjusted, easy to cut out the required specifications of the particles;through matched with the corresponding specifications of the screen for the required particle size specifications of the products.
peanut chopping machine


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