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Supplier of Sugar Cube Making Machine

2018-05-28 by Tina

Cube sugar is pressed by fine sugar or other sugar, can have different shapes, sizes and colors. As a sugar cube making machine supplier, we main produced the large capacity and different cube sugar to meet the growing market demand.
Production process of cube sugar: it is the crystal size of granularity appropriate refined sugar, with a small amount of refined sugar concentration solution (or water), become wet sugar contained 1.5 2.5% of water, and then made half a square block molding machine, then through dryer to dry the moisture below 0.5%, packaging after cooling.
sugar cube making machine supplier
In china, there are many cube sugar machine suppliers. Gelgoog company has many years history of producing cube sugar machines, the development of sugar cube equipment can provide sugar crushing, stirring, automatic feeding, forming, cooling, packing machine, many machines already exported to more than 20 countries, such as the United States, Russia, France, Mongolia and the Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia. 
This cube sugar making machine is a kind of automatic feed, continuous forming technology, continuous briquetting sugar molding equipment, which is mainly used for pressure square shape, and other various shapes. can be made up by 18 *18 * 12 mm and 20 * 20 x 15 mm and a variety of specifications. Others also can be customized. There are hydraulic type and pneumatic type cube sugar making machine for your choose. The sugar forming machine can making many different size and shape cube sugar by change molds (the mold can be customized according to customer demand). The sugar can be packing into carton or bags, we have various sugar cube packing machine for your choose.
So if you are interested with our sugar cube making machine, please contact with me. Email: [email protected], whatsapp: 00861855717505, skype: jacobyaogelgoog

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