The culture of the noodles

2016-12-29 by Tina
Both north and south of the noodles are worlds apart. The south's "face" refers to noodles made of flour, give priority to with egg noodle, not eggs but duck egg yellow, young, surface quality and refreshing spring tooth surface. The dough, cracker dough. Popular with thin cracker dough and shrimp surface; The "surface" is refers to in the north to wheat into powder, noodles no more eggs, use of caustic soda, adding alkaline can make noodles become easy to digest, so the noodles become the main food for the cause of the people of the north. Compared with the south, the north with thicker noodles noodles, soft smooth flexible. If if the "face" in the north, the boss will only give the flour; And in the south, selling noodles processing of the account will be good.

Northerners noodles as staple food, thus pasta the heavier the quality and quantity. Northerners do often add seasonal leafy fresh ripe, with raw Onions, raw garlic, coriander, such as flavor, smell of heavy oil, relatively salty ingredients and soup, main is a cold, appetite is big, also can match steamed bread, baked wheat cake. South, on the other hand, due to the southerners in rice as the staple food, noodles for snacks or to entertain, to cater to the people of the north flavors, but don't put onion ginger, leafy vegetables, like soy sauce, pickle, vegetable oil, is generally dry noodles, appearance and taste for hobby noodles gens.

Family noodle can made by hand. However, some restaurants, artificial noodles can not meet the requirements, the restaurant needs a lot of noodles every day. some restaurants produce noodle by noodle making machine.


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