Do you know the history of the pizza?

2016-12-29 by Tina
Pizza is a food originated in Italy, popular around the world. Pizza usually approach is in fermentation of pita covered with tomato sauce, cheese and other ingredients, and composed of oven to bake.

In fact, pizza have a long history.

Pizza originated in the 3000 years ago, people in the hot stone into a flat round bread or pie. That on tin plate, the consumption of the round bread or pie is pizza, it is the first in human history than yeast bread. In the Egyptians discovered yeast, people began to make bread fermentation. "Pizza" this name comes from the Latin 'pinsa', it is the past participle Latin 'pinsere', meaning 'flat'. The Mediterranean region, such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome, used to made of different spices, water and barley buns or pie. Can, of course, that these small round bread or pie is the 'predecessor' pizza.

The 3rd century BC, the first in the history of Rome: "pita and add olive oil, spices, and honey, baked on the stone". And "flour tortilla topped with cheese and honey, with myrcia flavored". In the ruins of Pompeii, archaeologists also found a similar pizza house address today. While the food with today's pizza is very similar to that of two kinds of raw material of pizza must now, however, the tomato, tomato and mozzarella cheese, mozzarella, also didn't spread to Italy and the Mediterranean region.

Pizza like ice cream, cake just inside the barrel is a variety of flavors of pizza fillings. pizza cone is made up of special high gluten flour, add all kinds of pizza powder, special ingredients through technology matching,it was product by pizza cone making machine. Appearance is lightweight, easy to hand, in your hands to eat is very convenient. After a certain technology, make its cone more crispy, more popular with customers. 


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