High quality almond strip cutting machine

2016-12-29 by Tina
The almond strip cutting machine is used for cutting peanut or almond in to strip shape.

The almond strip cutting machine consist of bin, vibration feeding device, cutting knife, cut the roll and the screen. Suitable for half the almond and peanuts material cutting.

This almond strip cutting machine is used on cutting peanut or almond in to strip shape, the strip size can be adjusted, almond kernel cutting machine, high capacity, fast cutting speed.cut evenly, less waste, easy to operation.

The operation process:
First, roasting the almond by roaster machine,then peeling the red skin by peeling machine.
finally,put almond kernel in the machine, the machine will automatic cutting almond kernel in to strip shape.

1, It made of full stainless steel 304 material, hygiene and healthy.
2, It is high output, fast cutting speed, it is easy to operate, advanced technology,
3, It is multifunction,it can used for almond and peanut. the water content of peanut and almond must be 15-18%. If processing peanut, half peanut will is great, equipped with peanut half cutting machine is a good choice.

almond strip cutting machine


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