How Do I Make Commercial Peanut Butter?

2019-02-16 by Tina
Peanut butter tastes delicious, generally used as a condiment. How did the peanut butter get? Here we introduce you to a special peanut butter grinder machine, the machine operation is simple, suitable for a variety of materials, such as groundnuts, almond, cashew, walnut, potato, chilli and so on.
Peanut Butter Grinder Machine
How to Make Commercial Peanut Butter?
Peanuts or other materials are subjected to strong shearing force, frictional force and high-frequency vibration through high-speed relative linkage between fixed and moving teeth, and then peanuts can be effectively crushed, emulsified, homogenized and warmed. Thereby obtaining a finely processed peanut butter product.

The grinder is the ideal machine grinding peanuts into peanut butter, it is the introduction of the latest foreign technology in the factory and combined with their own experience developed, mainly used in a variety of peanut butter, sesame sauce grinding, its main advantages are a variety of production, a wide range of applications.

This peanut butter grinder machine making peanut butter is widely used in the market and has been exported to many countries. At the same time, the commercial peanut grinding machine has been praised and praised by many people in the same market, and has been unanimously recognized by the majority of users.
Peanut butter grinder machine is made of high quality stainless steel, clean and easy to clean. We will help customers choose the right machine according to the materials provided by users. Each product has been carefully designed and tested repeatedly to ensure the quality of the product, it is the ideal equipment to make commercial peanut butter, welcome to inquire.

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