The story of a sugar cube

2016-12-19 by Tina
Once upon a time there was a lump of sugar, is specially added to the kind of sugar in the coffee, started it and many of these sugar stay in a white porcelain cup, waiting for the silver spoon gently scoop them up, draw a beautiful arc, after they were from the smooth surface of silver gently falling fast, the tiny "splash" with a dark brown liquid fly base up a slight waves, the sugar falls in the thick and fragrant liquid, then slowly melting, sweet until completely immersed in the fragrance of their bodies everywhere, for all of sugar, for those who like sweet melts, is that they are another form of expression of the value of life, this should be a happy moment.

The sugar, like other candy bar, in a kind of happiness of waiting for, expected over the coming of the of life.

Drinking coffee with cube sugar has become a habit, as people's living standards improve, a lot of people are beginning to enjoy life, for example, drink a cup of coffee with friends in the cafe shop. because coffee is a little bitter, sugar produced.

The cube sugar processing steps is grinding sugar into needed fineness to standby application, then mixing and feeding the grinding sugar powder into the sugar forming machine through spiral feeder, after the hydraulic pressure sugar making machine, can get ideal different size and shape cube sugar, then transport sugar to drying tunnel by tablet linkage conveyor to make sure remove excess water into sugar so that facilitate the late packaging and storage; after the drying tunnel needs to cooling the sugar and then packing into carton, box or bags according to different demand.
cube sugar production line

the cube sugar production line is high automatic, stand-alone machine can be controlled separately, simple operation and easy maintenance, reliable performance, simple construction stable operation, long service life.


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