The trend of noodle nutrition has become increasingly clear

2017-01-03 by Tina
In long-term development, our country face production in the use of noodle press, mixer and other food machinery equipment after more with modern characteristics, but in the market of noodles at present in our country, the product of a single, the major problems which restrict the development of the industry, if not in the innovation to capture consumer, the future road will be more difficult. Recently, then the personage inside course of study also admitted that when the noodles on characteristic products will become the market to be bestowed favor on newly, among them, the eutrophication trend became clear, become to break a killer brand.

In recent years, with the improvement of the national consumption level, noodle market in China has welcomed the change again, taste is a single, only for the purpose of filling the traditional products to meet consumer demand, nutrition is equipped with a more scientific and perfect, noodle products with specific functions, more and more consumers.

Noodles is the wheat flour add salt, alkali, water via hang dry and cut into a certain length of dry noodles. Because of its good taste, convenient, low price, easy to store, has been one of China's favorite mainly pasta.

Noodle supplier produce noodle by noodle machine.In the process of production of noodles, after grinding wheat flour through pipes from the flour factory directly to the noodle shop, reduce the intermediate links, achieve no manual operation, zero pollution, zero contact, from the source to ensure the safety of the product.


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