How to make french fries?

2017-01-03 by Tina
French Fries is a kind of potato as raw material, cut into strips and then Fried food, is now one of the most common fast food, popular around the world.
Fries, both big friends and children, I believe is one of the many people prefer to eat snacks, especially children, every time go to fast food restaurants are basically will point.
french friesIf you want to eat french fries, you can make french fries in home.
1. Wash potatoes, peeled, cut into thin strip.
2. Wash the strip French fries.
3. Poured into brine for about 10 minutes, remove the drain water.
4. Take a pot, pour the right amount of water, boil the fries into the stew cook for 3 minutes, to the French fries can be ripe fish.
5. Will be cooked french fries drain the water, placed in a bowl to cool.
6. Cool, packaged chips in the refrigerator freezer, frozen all night, until potatoes are frozen stiff.
7. Pan into a slightly more 5 into hot oil, heat, into the frozen French fries, small fire fry for 3 minutes, then fry a minute, remove out of the pot; Strike with salt, dipping sauce.

This kind of method to make French fries is a slower speed, output is less, not suitable for large factory production of chips. generally, the factory produce french fries by french fries production is automatic, do not need to much manpower and high capacity.


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