What sugar is appropriate drink coffee?

2016-12-28 by Tina
Drink milk tea with sugar this answer generally have a consensus, but drink coffee with sugar or brown sugar is much debate. Espresso originating in Europe in the traditional will put the white granulated sugar, even more fine than sugar powdered sugar. But coffee culture spread to Asia, first arrived in Japan, Taiwan, then Hong Kong or mainland China, the concept of coffee with sugar and milk has been very common, also did not say the sugar or brown sugar is the traditional authentic, sugar choice according to personal taste.

As to put the sugar and brown sugar to coffee taste have any effect, the answer is yes, principle as if put cooking seasoning. If brown Sugar is refers to the Raw Sugar (Sugar cane Sugar) and the dyeing of the so-called "brown Sugar", Sugar with sweet taste of Sugar cane, after joining the coffee will make coffee with a little Sugar and caramel flavor; And sugar after refining, will only add pure sweet taste for coffee.

Brown sugar is generally thick body, white granulated sugar dissolved slow will affect the coffee taste? Common market of brown sugar thickness degrees of influence on coffee taste is not too big, in fact in addition to the white granulated sugar and brown sugar, also can try to add honey, maple syrup, brown sugar in the coffee taste what's different, even the supermarket sells all kinds of the deployment of sugar in my coffee. Coffee lovers are usually preference cane sugar, because the ingredients are natural, less contain additives, generally considered relatively healthy. Theory of sugar sweet sweetness comes directly, but modern health, pure system lower cane sugar became many people's choice.

Also say a half of sugar sugar, referring to the white sugar, the refined sugar and is characterized by the quality of pure, white and glossy, candy bars complete edges and corners, a proper solid and firm, not easy to fracture, but quickly dissolved in water, clearer transparent solution.
Sugar is processed into very uniform piece by piece, is very convenient to use.

Now many people drink coffee with cube sugar. because the cube sugar is more convenient.

Cube sugar making machine can make cube sugar, it can achieve automatic rotation, automatic frequency control and continuous briquetting, and is mainly applied in the briquetting of sugar with cube shapes.

cube sugar making machine


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