What will you do if you need multi-shape cube sugar?

2016-12-19 by Tina
In the daily life,there are many cube sugar. most of them are regular cube sugar. but what should we do if we need multi-shape cube sugar?
Don not worry. GELGOOG company have multi-shape cube sugar production line for your different choice.

The cube sugar production Line can making many irregular shape cube sugar, the sugar forming machine mold can be customized according to customer sugar samples. The whole line consist of sugar crushing machine, mixed spiral feeding machine, sugar forming machine, tablet linkage conveyor, drying tunnel and cooling machine. All the machine is made of high quality stainless steel, conforms to food standards and long service life.

The tonnages of full automatic cube sugar production line ,varies according to the desired sugar scale. sugar is poured into the bottom silo first then it is poured to the top silo via the coil and goes to the moisturizer mixer. from there it moves to the filling mixer. The length and weight of sugar is set automatically. after the press is applied to the sugar, it drops to the conveyor belt where it is moved first to the dryer tunnel and then to the cooler. by means of automatic robot, box feeder and box closing units the product is prepared untouched.

cube sugar production line

The raw material of the sugar is powdered sugar, most of them needs to grinding certain fineness into the sugar grinding machine. Sugar also said half of sugar, it is with fine grained refined sugar as raw material of compressed into half a square block (that is, half of the cube) advanced products, sugar sugar is the feature of quality pure, white and glossy, candy bars complete edges and corners, a proper solid and firm, not easy to fracture, but quickly dissolved in water, clearer transparent solution. the sugar forming machine can making many different size and shape cube sugar by change molds (the mold can be customized according to customer demand). The sugar can be packing into carton or bags, we have various sugar cube packing machine for your choose. Reliable performance, simple construction, stable operation, long service life, zero repair rate, is your best choice.



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