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cherry pitting machine
Cherry Pitting Machine Description

The storage hopper and the conveyor belt are directly combined to select the template according to the shape and diameter of the fruit, and pour the fruit into the storage hopper to achieve the effect of feeding and conveying. After the fruit falls on the conveyor belt, the fruit will automatically enter the hole of the template and brush the surplus fruit into the other holes through the brush, so that the efficiency of the feeding is 100%. It is more than ninety-five, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work. After the hole is positioned well, the fruit will continue to be transported and propelled. In the process of transporting and pushing the fruit, the machine uses the process of machine tool to carry out the core. The core fall into the dustpan and collect it automatically. The fruit which has washed through the core will continue to the next link for the water flushing type. The fruit shape is completely unchanged when the fruit is dropped. The fruit falls into the dustpan, and it automatically flows out and collects together, so as to achieve the separation of fruit and core.
Cherry Pitter Machine Characteristics
(1) the automatic cherry removing machine has high automation level, and the automatic feeding and feeding device of the die conveyer belt is used for conveying and punching the core. The effect of the separation of the nuclear meat can be completed only by pouring the fruit into the hopper, and it can solve the difficulties of low efficiency, labor and time.
(2) the structure of the machine is composed of 304 stainless steel thick wall square tube and channel steel welding, which makes the equipment more stable in the starting operation, and the parts of the parts are all fastened and assembled by bolts, so that the equipment is more convenient and quick in operation and maintenance.
(3) the raw materials of the equipment are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which fully conform to the hygienic standard of food processing equipment. The conveyor belt adopts imported polyurethane material, and the wear resistance, tensile and tear resistance are antiwear, and the service life is longer.
(4) the operation of the machine is simple and convenient, no long time to watch, one can manage multiple machines at the same time. The transmission system uses advanced design ideas and standardized components, the principle of punching core is used by the machine tool process, so that each equipment is in line with the highest design standard and high precision, thus the effect of core removal rate can reach 100. It is 100%, and the shape of the fruit is completely unchanged.
Technical Data
Model GG-1
Capacity 300kg/h
Diameter of Fruit 10-40mm
Weight  300kg
Size(mm)  2500*1100*1100 
Voltage 380v
Power 1.5kw


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