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Automatic Peach Core Removing Machine Description
Peaches core removing machine is a device specifically used to remove the peach kernel. Our company researched and explored how to remove the peach kernel efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively, and eventually developed a peach kernel. The old hand-made helium nucleus is particularly time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient. Under the current food safety market environment, it is faced with the problem of recontamination. The advent of peach kernels has greatly facilitated the treatment of peach kernels, and the high-end technology of humanization has brought popularization to the production of nuclear machines.
peach core removing machine
Peach core pitting machine features:
First, the double overhead roller chain strengthens the fruit carrier plate, the indexing box is accurately indexed and positioned, and the center is found again and again, so that the peaches in the treatment are not easy to be mistaken, and the yield rate is very high;
Second, the copper material machine needle production, high strength, not easy to rot, clean and safe;
Third, humanized production highlights, so that peach can be cut into multiple flaps (can cut two and a half, four, six, eight), so that raw materials can achieve a lot of market intentions.
remove peach core
The working principle of the peach core removing machine
Peaches come out of the classifier and are sent to an input hopper where they can be automatically loaded individually into the cup on the conveyor. As the conveyor passed the alignment area, the peaches were rotated by the alignment wheel, which protruded from a hole in the bottom of the cup. As the peach stems were found by the alignment wheel, these peaches stopped turning. From the area where the peach stems were found, these fruits passed through three areas to find the seams. In their positions, the peach seams could be aligned with the separating knife. In the separation zone, the knife starts from the bottom and top of the peach at the same time. The peaches are separated from the peach stem. All the transfer, adjustment and de-nucleation operations are done with heavy-duty mechanical cams, which are specifically designed to calibrate all operations.

1. The scope of adaptation refers to the diameter of the raw material (peach) to be processed.
2. Various specifications can also be customized according to customer requirements.
3. If you are interested, please email:, whatsapp is 008618595717505

Technical Data
Model GG-1
Capacity 300kg/h
Diameter of Fruit 10-40mm
Weight  300kg
Size(mm)  2500*1100*1100 
Voltage 380v
Power 1.5kw


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