Castor Sheller Machine|Castor Seed Shelling Machine for Castor Plant

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Castor Sheller Machine Plant
Castor Seed Shelling Machine
is also known as Castor Sheller Machine, this machine is suitable for many castor plant, it is a commonly used in the market, this model is mainly applicable to small and medium-sized farms of castor bulk shelling occasions. This model is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized farms in the castor bulk shelling occasions. The shelling speed can reach 1200kg/h. The model is driven by 190 diesel engine, its removal rate is as high as 95%, and the rate of crushing of castor is less than 3%. Its weight is 350kg, the overall size is 2.1mx1.0mx1.5m.
Castor Seed Sheller Machine
Castor Sheller Machine, is composed of racks, fans, Shell room, into the hopper, discharge mouth and so on. As the working parts in the shell are made of rubber, the peeling shell is achieved and the seed skin is not injured. Castor seed shelling machine belongs to the technical field of shelling of agricultural machinery. The shelling part adopts the conical double drum structure with a rubber layer with large friction coefficient. Shelling process, castor capsule in the gap between the two rollers to do roll movement, by rubbing squeeze to achieve shelling. The machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high removal rate, low crushing rate, simple structure and convenient operation, and is a good castor shelling machine.
Machine Shelling Castor Seed
This shelling machine is nice for castor seed processing plant, our company the production of products affordable, quality assurance, if you also want to know more knowledge of the castor seed sheller, such as the price of castor shelling machine, performance parameters, you can always follow our website, or come to the company consulting. My email is, skype is jacobyaogelgoog.

Working Video of Castor Seed Sheller Machine
Technical Data
Model GG600-B
Capacity 500-1000 kg/h
HP 2.2 kw/380 v
Shelling Rate 95%
Damage Rate Less than 3%
Dimension 2.1*1.0*1.5m
Weight 350 kg


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