Industrial Garlic Paste Grinder Machine|Mayonnaise Sauce Making Machine

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Introduction of Garlic Paste Grinder Machine
It also called mayonnaise sauce making machine, this machine is specially used to produce different production, different materials of the mill, its basic principle is the fluid or semi-fluid material through high-speed relative to the fixed teeth and dynamic teeth, the material is subjected to strong shearing force, friction and high-frequency vibration, effectively crushed, emulsified, homogeneous, wen, so as to obtain satisfactory fine processing products. The garlic paste and mayonnaise sauce are mainly made of the grinder machine, it is for industrial use.
garlic sauce making machine

Garlic Paste Making Machine Structure Features
Garlic paste making machine with separate type, horizontal two kinds of specifications. The main parts are composed of shell, stator, rotor, regulating mechanism, cooling mechanism and motor. Its main parts are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic. The garlic paste grinder machine is composed of the grinding head part, the base transmission part and the motor. Contact with the materials are all made of high-quality stainless steel, static and dynamic grinding plate is the key parts of the machine, according to the nature of the processed materials, grinding pieces of the tooth shape are different, but the material is made of stainless steel tools. The motor according to the needs of colloid grinding special design, and in the motor flange end cover with a water plate to prevent leakage. The use of units can be based on the characteristics of different materials, production efficiency, different uses, choose different specifications of the Colloid mill, so that it achieves good results.

Garlic Paste Grinder Machine Working Video

The application of this mayonnaise sauce making machine is very wide, the following industries are the main areas of service of the machine:
1, The food industry: dairy products, chocolate, bean paste, jam, peanut butter, butter drinks and so on.
2, Chemical Industry: pigments, lubricants, spices, dyes, emulsified asphalt, emulsion rubber, catalysts, paint paint and so on.
3, Pharmaceutical industry: cod liver oil, confidentiality, the athletes cream, bee emperor, pollen and so on.
4, Daily Chemical: shoe polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, balsam, soap, detergent and so on.
5, Other industries: the construction industry, paper industry, plastic industry, battery industry and so on.
Technical Data
Model GGJMS-130
Processing fineness 100-200mesh
Output 0.4-0.6 t/h
Power 15 kw
Weight 285 kg
Size 830*440*1100mm


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