Sacha Inchi Nut Shelling Machine|Hemp Seed Dehuller

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sacha inchi nut shelling machine
Description of Sacha Inchi Nut Shelling Machine:
This machine is a product independently researched and developed by our company. It can clean (remove all kinds of impurities), grade (grade 3), shelling, peeling and skin kernels of inca fruit, sunflower seed, and hemp seed. Select one of the unopened pellets can be automatically returned to the sheller for re-hulling until released.
Sacha inchi nuts and hemp seed shelling parts of the hemp seed are used in the variable frequency shelling machine. When the variety and water content of the hemp seed are changed, the shelling rate and the whole kernel rate can be adjusted by adjusting the frequency. Due to the oily nature of Hemp seed, it is easy to stick to the wall after shelling. According to the characteristics of the hempseed, our company can clean the window of the shelling machine at any time. Seed kernel sorting adopts our company's patented grain vibration vibrator, which can reduce the content of kernels in the seeds during secondary shelling, thereby reducing the rate of broken kernels.
hemp seed dehuller machine
Features of Hemp Seed Dehuller:
The machine has features such as easy operation, high degree of automation, safety, reliability, aesthetics and durability.

At the same time, our company also produces buckwheat shelling machine, pumpkin seed shelling machine, watermelon seedling sheller, cottonseed shelling machine, white melon shelling machine, melon seed sheller, hanging melon seed sheller, almond shelling Machine, Peach Core Sheller, Badamu Shelling Machine (American Apricot Kernel Shelling Machine), Hazelnut Shelling Machine, Stone Removal Machine (remove all kinds of grains, seeds, beans, stones, glass, etc. Miscellaneous, light, miscellaneous and dusty, etc.), sesame cleaning units, sorting and classifying machines, hoisting machines, ovens, dehydrated vegetable cleaning machines and other equipment manufacturers.
Technical Data
Power 4.42kw (380v/50HZ)
Whole Kernel Rate more than 95%
Capacity 200-300kg/h
Space Occupied 6.2*2.5m
Height 3.2 m
Weight 1.5 t

Machine Quantity
Input Hopper 1
Elevator 1
Dehuller and Separating 1
Resorting Sieve Section 1
Discharge Hopper 1
Control Cabinet 1


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