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Mechanized Production of Cereal Bar

2017-01-04 by Lisa

Cereal bar, rice candy is China's famous local traditional products, rice candy has more than 100 years of production history. In recent years, cereal bar is a new type of food and the use of traditional techniques and modern technology combined and refined. Use puffed food machinery and equipment, through scientific and unique formula, inherit the essence of traditional technology, use the modern science and technology, to become refined products. It has rich nutrition, crisp, sweet and delicious, entrance ablation, unique flavor characteristics, loved by the people, at present in the domestic and foreign each big city shopping malls, supermarkets are selling.

cereal bar making machine

Every family to dry glutinous rice, fried rice to puffed, with sugar to stick, cut into pieces, entertain guests. Because of the complexity of the rice candy, the production is small, basically self-sufficient. And now has been widely circulated in the market as a commodity, basically few people do at home, directly from the market to buy bulk. So for the production of this kind of traditional puffed food manufacturers to provide a lot of room for development, and lucrative, the market prospect is very broad.

Rice candy, cereal bars and other handmade products with large labor intensity, cumbersome process, low output, high labor costs, production of products is not rule, not on the grade. So for the production of food manufacturers brought trouble, GELGOOG Food Machinery company cater to the urgent requirements of the vast number of users, through the unremitting efforts of all employees, continuous development, innovation and production of this kind of food series full set of cereal bar equipment, from manual, simple mechanical to automatic, development into a type of complete sets of equipment now. There are ball, round bar, pie, rectangular, semicircular, and other different shapes, specifications products can be interchangeable, truly is a multifunctional machine, reduce the investment risk for the users greatly, effectively saves the production cost, suitable for small and medium food manufacturers at home and abroad and the ideal equipment for personal investment business, welcome the majority of users to the company site visits, on-site demonstration.

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