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Cereal Bar Making Machine Manufacturer

2019-04-20 by Lisa

Our company has developed a new cereal bar quipment, this cereal bar making machine is specially used to make this food, high yield, excellent quality.

The cereal bar production line is new research and development of new products, the continuous feed production line, automatic, automatic cutting, by pressing the automatic vertical cutting; seven automatic leveling leveling, moderate density, uniform thickness; frequency adjustment, cutting, molding is good size precision; machine continuous production, no intermediate the need for manual connection, the production line of nutrition bar fully automatic and intelligent operation.

Our company has many years of history, is a professional design and manufacture and sale of food machinery products enterprises, the main products are: Biscuit production line, cake production line, complete sets of equipment production line of peanut candy, cereal bars, ice cream cone production line, heating oven, egg roll machine, cookie machine food machinery equipment.

The company's products have passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, most of the products have passed the EU CE test, and obtain the CE certificate. Over the years, our company strictly requires ourselves to provide customers with better products and services.

We must firmly establish brand awareness, continue to explore and innovate, seek development with scientific strategies, enhance business capabilities, and forge ahead with the new and old customers on the road of common development with firm confidence. Companies adhering to the "customer first, enterprising" business philosophy, adhere to the customer first principle for the majority of customers to provide quality service.

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