How to Make Apple Juice with Industrial Juicer?

2019-11-25 by Lisa
This apple juice extractor machine is a professional industrial juicer, it can be used for orange, pear, grape, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, blueberry, carrot, onion and other materials. Stainless steel body, it is durable and efficient juice extraction.
Apple Orange Juice Extracter Machine
Main Features of Industrial Apple Juicer Machine
1. Food-grade materials are used in contact with foodstuffs, make sure the juice extractor machine is safe and hygienic to use.
2. Wide feed port, stainless steel material, safe and smooth, smooth feeding, suitable for different sizes of fruits and vegetables.
3. The motor and pulley stainless steel cover are safe to use, waterproof and moisture-proof, and have a long service life.
4. Food grade juice guide tube, long material, detachable and connectable, adjustable direction, safe and beautiful.

Installation Operation and Maintenance of Apple Juice Extractor Machine
① The machine must be installed horizontally and fixed with anchor screws.
② When the equipment is started, adjust the pressure head to maximize the annular clearance, and then gradually reduce the clearance. After the process requirements are met, fix the position of the handwheel bearing seat with the brake.
③ The feed must be uniform. It is forbidden to enter the hopper with hard foreign matter to avoid damage to the screen.
④ After using once, the filter must be washed with water and a brush. If it is a fine-filtered fiber juice, it can be washed once in a row according to the production situation, and all the machines are washed with hot water after the pressing.


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