How to Make Chin Chin Food?

2018-03-26 by Lisa
Chin chin is a fried snack popular in West Africa, mostly in Nigeria. Chin chin is made of dough containing flour, sugar, butter, and milk. It is similar to the Scandinavian snack klenat, a crunchy, donut-like baked or fried dough of wheat flour, and other customary baking items. Chin chin may contain cowpeas. Many people bake it with ground nutmeg for flavor. Then how to make the chin chin food to meet the large market demand? Many chin chin food manufacturer use the chin chin cutting machine to make the chin chin.
chin chin cutting machine
What is chin chin cutting machine? It is the main equipment for cutting thedough into cube, we can make the chin chin with different shapes and sizes. The chin chin cutter machine can be used to produce many kinds of snacks, such as Nigerian Chin Chin, Chinese rice strips and so on. The width and length, thickness can be adjusted. And the shapes, it can be changed through the change of different molds. The machine is small but high output, cheap but durable. So if you are interested with our chin chin cutter machine, please email me


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