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Fresh noodle making machine for noodles production enterprises

2016-11-30 by Ellie

Noodles are warm, and a medicine to cure cold. Therefore, many consumers are willing to eat a bowl of hot noodles in cold weather. Noodles are easier to be digested than other foods, as noodles are soft.
In terms of noodles, there are various choices for consumers, such as instant noodles, fresh noodles, and stick noodles. However, the most popular is the fresh noodles according to the survey. On the one hand, people are getting busier at present, so they have less time to cook for themselves at home. On the other hand, fresh noodles are more nutritious, and suitable for the healthy operation of stomach.
fresh noodle maker
With the rapid development of food machinery industry, fresh noodles on the market are produced by the fresh noodle maker, which has the characteristics of automation, mechanization and intelligence, so it sells well at home and abroad.
As we all know, there are different shapes of noodles, with this fresh noodle maker, different sizes and shapes noodles can be made by changing the knife, better to meet the demand of consumers.
The working flow: mixed flour-dough sheet pressing-noodle forming-cutting-automatic hanging-drying-cutting-packaging
All the working processes can be completed by machines automatically, and all machines are connected to form a production line for noodles making, which can save labor and materials costs for manufacturers to a great extent.
fresh noodle maker
In addition, one of the important equipments in this production line is the automatic drying machine, which is an upgrading version of natural drying method. In the past, manufacturers had to take advantage of natural wind to dry noodles, but they would be suffering from the weather greatly. With the constant research and development of food machinery industry, the automatic drying machine is invented and widely used in noodle production enterprises, to improve work efficiency and yield of the whole industry.