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How the noodle machine works?

2016-07-12 by admin

Noodle/Pasta machine works is to put flour through the roller surface relative rotation of extruded sheet, and then cutting across the front nose section sheet is cut into strips to form noodles. noodle/pasta shapes depending on the specifications of section knives, all models can be installed with different specifications of section knife, so a machine through the replacement of different specifications of the knives can be made into a variety of noodles. (Automatic noodle machine) is a new noodle/pasta line equipment, aircraft come forward from feeding continuous operation, with high yield and efficiency, time-saving, easy operation, good toughness production of noodles, taste good. Features medium noodle/pasta machine as follows: After the roll surface grinder grinding, smooth and beautiful, rolling out of the face with a clean uniform, to ensure good quality of the noodle machine design is reasonable, the use of in-line type, gear and sprocket drive, low noise compact, user-friendly design, work and effort. And ease of operation, safety and health, it is appropriate eye view. Transmission smooth, accurate and efficient power transmission, there is a small sound noise, no vibration, superior performance characteristics, can be equipped with a small drying equipment, it is ideal for medium-sized noodle production enterprises.
The main parts of the use of 45 # forged steel gears, rollers using 45 # seamless steel pipe, heat-treated to increase the hardness of the rolls, noodles pressed out more light, more strength.
Second, the performance characteristics
1, the use of gears, smooth, safe and reliable.
2, automatic pick strip system, high efficiency, good quality.
3, automatic transmission, automatic cross-section, automatic bar, a molding, labor-saving
4, multiple real roll, roll drawing, feeding uniform, neat panel
5, gear, sprocket chain drive, low noise, long life.
6, operational safety, sanitation and hygiene.

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