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Ice Cream Equipment Development

2017-01-12 by Lisa

There is no end to the love of ice cream by people, eat a cup of ice cream in a hot weather is a very enjoyable thing. Its unique flavor of ice cream has let people lead a person to endless aftertastes, cool, sweet, just melt in the mouth.

ice cream cone machine

With the continuous progress of society, the ice cream related equipment innovation, the introduction of new products to meet market demand. Taking ice cream cone as an example, ice cream cone is a very important part of ice cream. The semi-autoamtic ice cream cone machine is composed by frame, mould electrical equipment. Humanized design, simple operation and development, made by stainless steel, easy to operate, high efficiency; low noise, high capacity and low power consumption, easy to clean. We have a lot of different size and shapes of the mold, you can replace the mold on the machine. We also have a number of different capacity products, you can choose according to your needs of the number of different baking machine. We can produce goods as per your request.

In general, the production of ice cream machine due to the development of ice cream, accompanied by the continuous upgrading of ice cream. Scientific management of ice cream equipment, it is necessary to adopt advanced technology, transform and eliminate backward, energy saving and emission reduction, and constantly improve the level of automation, digitization and intelligence, and the introduction of modern technology management, to promote the vigorous development of the industry.

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