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Manufacture Of Cone Making Machines

2018-07-09 by Lisa

In Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China, there is a factory specializing in the manufacture of cone making machine, it is GELGOOG Machinery, the company was founded in 2010, has been dedicated to the production of quality ice cream cone machines. The company produces ice cream cones for the international market, so there are different kinds of cone making machines, and other similar food processing machines. One of the main products are wafer ice cream cone machine, rolled sugar cone machine, ice cream cone production line, pizza cone machine, pizzelle cookie machine, egg tart machine and so on. 
manufacture of cone making machine
Wafer ice cream cone machine produce the finished product with a little softer, its raw materials are generally not sugar, and finished is a molding, do not need to rolling machine, as long as the prepared slurry into the mold, baking a minute or two, ice cream cone can be formed. This cone machine has different models, different models corresponding to the output is different, so customers can choose to match their own requirements. Cone making machines produce cone shape and size is a certain range of customers, if they want to make their own's size and shape, engineers can be redesigned custom-made. 

The rolled sugar cone machine produce the crispy ice cream cone is a yellowish, crisp, ice cream cone made of a different form, which is made in two parts, baked and rolled. In the production process, slurry will be first laid on the machine's baking plate, bake finished, become a biscuit sheet, and then use the rolling machine, the biscuit sheet will become the cone shape, the general crispy ice cream cone has two styles, one is natural side of the cone, the other is the flat side of the cone.
As a cone making machine manufacturer, here's the ice cream cone machine variety complete, variety, production and diverse, if there are customers are looking for ice cream cone manufacturers, you can choose GELGOOG Machinery, here are different cone making machine for you to choose.

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