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Peanut roaster suppliers

2016-12-28 by Tina

Peanut roaster not only can roasting peanuts, it can also roasting almonds, cashew, ets all kinds of nut.

Peanut roaster from GELGOOG company fits for low temperature drying and high temperature baking pig nut and other seed products, heat supply is divided into LNG and steam type. originally set temperature of oven can be regulated via regulating proportional burner controller and parameter of electric steam valve at top of oven so that low temperature drying and high temperature baking can be finished. 

The peanut roaster can reduces the labor,improves operationg efficiency.and it have reasonable heat distribution design to make the airflow uniformity,thus ensure the uniform roasting resulting obtainable.It has integrated cooling system can prevent the over-roasting and keep the nuts at the optimum condition.its every door on both sides can be opened for easy cleaning.

Its high degree of automation, thermostat, it can be heated by electrical, gas heating and  other methods. The use of circular fan heat exchanger to achieve a strong air baking, imporve the baking efficiency and increase the quality of baking.


peanut roaster

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