Automatic Seasoning Machine for Dog Food

2019-07-04 by Lisa
Dog Food Seasoning Machine Application
Dog food is the main food for all kinds of pet dogs, in order to expand the market, many merchants have upgraded the taste of dog food. The dog food seasoning machine helped them achieve this requirement. 
Seasoning Machine for Dog Food
This seasoning machine is suitable for different product flavoring, such as french fries, broad beans, peanuts, banana chips, chin chin and so on. It is a professional seasoning equipment with smooth operation and high efficiency. Also an important equipment in the production line.

What is the Advantage of Dog Food Seasoning Machine?
1. The octagonal seasoning machine produced by our factory is designed as an octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantages of the raw material of the ball seasoning machine not rolling.
2. Stir well and season the ingredients evenly, and there is no dead angle in the seasoning barrel. It is more convenient to clean and clean. It can be used for pulling out and easy to use.
3. This equipment is suitable for all kinds of puffed foods, such as French fries, potato chips and other flavoring machines. The seasoning machine plays an indispensable role in the flavoring of puffed foods and has a large yield.
Dog Food Seasoning Machine
Main parts of seasoning machine uses stainless steel 304, can mix the seasoning with raw material evenly with short time, automatic tilt so that convenient unloading. The whole machine drive smooth, reliable performance. The seasoning machine is easy to clean and maintain, meet the production process requirements.

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