How to Remove Peanut Red Skin Quickly?

2019-07-05 by Tina
Do you know how to remove the peanut skin quickly? Here is a peanut peeler that removes peanut skin efficiently.
Peanut Peeler Machine
This peanut peeling machine is a dry type, special used for removing peanut skin equipment. It is mainly used for peeling process before production of peanut milk and peanut granules. The peanut kernel after peeling are not broken, and the protein is invariant.

The peanut peeler produced by the company can be used in combination, which can complete the feeding, peeling, sucking, sorting and vacuuming operations, and the peeling quality can reach the export standard. The structure of the machine is reasonable, stable operation, removal rate is high.

The peanut peeling machine is specially used for peeling the roasted or dried peanuts into peanut kernels. Peanut kernels are separated from peanut skin automatically. The peeling machine can quickly remove the peanut red skin, which is short in time and large in yield.

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