Commercial Peanut Roasting Machine Supplier in China

2018-10-30 by Tina
Henan province is the China's main peanut production area, Gelgoog Machinery Co., Ltd. combined with local resource advantages, began to develop, design, production of peanut machinery and equipment, peanut roasting machine supplier main product is peanut roasting machine. The company has many years of production experience, manufacturing equipment of high quality, often exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, by the vast number of users trust and praise.
Peanut Roasting Machine Supplier

The peanut roasting machine supplier main products are: peanut peeling machine, peanut shredder, peanut cleaning machine, peanut nut roasting furnace (electric heating, coal heating, natural gas heating, electromagnetic heating and other types), mesh belt dryer (can be dried for a variety of materials), dryer, peanut oil blowing machine, grinding machine and so on. Equipment are made of high-quality food-grade materials, long service life. 
China Peanut Roasting Machine

China peanut roasting machine is specially used to bake peanuts and other nuts equipment, heating methods are diverse, after a number of peanut products factory use proof, the machine has a reasonable design, easy to use, high efficiency and energy saving advantages, is currently baked peanuts ideal products. We will be service-oriented, customer satisfaction, integrity management purpose, and constantly introduce new products to promote the prosperity of the peanut products industry.  If you are interested with our product, please check our website.


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