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The frying machine contribution in the food industry

2017-01-16 by Tina

Life can not be separated from food, food can not be separated from the equipment.The rising of people's living standard, drive the rapid development of food and equipment, and fried food occupies the main status in our daily life.

Frying machine completely changed the traditional frying equipment structure on the design structure, scientific adopted the hybrid technology, the oil and water by heat, in the process of temperature control the oil temperature, the lower oxidation can slow the hydrolysis of oils and fats, prolong the service life of oil, improve product quality. Make the operation more convenient, but also improve the working efficiency. Water-oil mixed Fried machine in food processing plants, Fried chicken, all kinds of large dining room, restaurant, hotel and other fields to promote after use, with its reasonable design, stable performance, reliable technology users won wide praise.

Frying machine working principle:
By using the principle of oil, water, gravity in the work process of residue all submerged in the water, fundamentally solves the traditional frying machines residue, animal fats, repeatedly Fried acidify the frying oil and metamorphic carbide produce carcinogens.
Fried process of residue all submerged in the water, do not produce the charred, moisture and can continuously produce the water vapor to the high temperature frying oil added trace moisture, in order to make sure the frying oil the same black, so as to extend the oil change period. The machine to install automatic thermostat, the operator only needs to set temperature automatic temperature controlling can be realized, adjusting temperature, without overheating phenomenon of dry.

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