Ginkgo Seed Shelling Machine|Ginkgo Husker Machine

Ginkgo Seed Shelling Machine|Ginkgo Husker Machine
  • ginkgo shelling machine
  • ginkgo husker machine
  • ginkgo seed sheller machine
Ginkgo Seed Shelling Machine|Ginkgo Husker Machine
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  • Supply Ability: 200 Sets per Month Set/Sets Per Month
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ginkgo seed shelling machine
Introduction of ginkgo shelling machine:
This machine is specially used for processing ginkgo biloba main equipment. Ginkgo shelling machine is divided into shell and exhaust shells two large systems, the right cone funnel is the bottom of the shell system, the left is the exhaust system. Ginkgo or other affordable beans through the funnel into the shelling system by intense grinding so that the shell and pulp separation, and then by the exhaust from the shell system of the strong suction so that the separation of the waste shell (lighter than the flesh) into the shelling system out.

Application of ginkgo nut shelling machine:
This machine is suitable for fruits and vegetables processing plant equipment, frozen food plant equipment, snack food factory equipment, winery equipment, Western food shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, tea restaurant equipment, coffee shop equipment, other.
ginkgo husker machine
The structure of Ginkgo shelling machine
A, shelling system: from the Feed hopper, wheel cover, fixed grinding wheel, active grinding wheel, motor combination.
B, Exhaust shell system: By the exhaust fan, exhaust hood protection device, exhaust pipe, shell under the funnel, motor combination.
C, fixing and collecting device: rack, collector, motor floor

Working principle of ginkgo husker machine:
When the ginkgo or appropriate beans in the role of gravity into the grinding wheel hood by the grinding wheel is a strong and continuous grinding of the shell gradually become smaller and even cracked, and in the shell system under the action of the internal discharge machine, white nuts because of its heavy weight in the gravitational attraction fell into the collector.

Ginkgo seed shelling machine working video:

Technical Data

Model GGZ
Power 1.1*2(kw)
Voltage 220/380(V)
Size 600*800*1600mm
Weight 120kg



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