How to Start a French Fries Business?

2019-01-17 by Lisa
French fries are a food that can be run all year round, and now a lot of people are starting to do the project, so how to start a french fries business? Here we will analyze it for you. with the development of society, fast food has become a popular food for office workers, such as french fries. In order to meet market demand, the factory appeared and people started the french fries business.
Start the french fries business, first you need to have a factory, confirm the plant area, and then select the right equipments for french fries business according to the area of ​​use. GELGOOG Machinery has always been committed to manufacturing high-quality food processing equipment. It is a professional manufacturer of french fries production line, and its products have passed national health standards.
French Fries Production Line
French Fries Production Line Description
This line is composed of french fries machine, blanching machine, dewatering machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, packing machine. Each machine is made of high quality materials, good quality and durable. It is convenient and practical to use this production line to produce French fries. The equipment recommended here is suitable for small-volume operators or those who just started this business. It is a semi-automated production equipment with a minimum production of 50-70 kg per hour.

Washing machine: adopt the brush principle, cleaning and peeling of potato, it is widely applied in ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro roots, etc rhizome fruits and vegetables. Easy to operate, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
French fries machine: it is suitable for tubers cut or sliced, and is the first choice of potato chips processing enterprises, the machine has the advantages of simple operation, adjustable thickness, low broken rate, greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve the yield.

Dewatering machine is mainly remove the water on the french fries surface. Frying machine: the machine use of electricity, natural gas and coal as heating energy, and the operation is simple. Adopts the high quality stainless steel material, durable, suitable for medium and small fry food processing factory.
Deoiling machine is mainly remove the oil on the potato chips surface. Flavoring machine: mainly used for mixing various fried snack foods and seasoning, can also be used for food surface hanging sugar, fruit waxing etc.

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