Malfunction and Debugging Method of Bamboo Stick Sharpening Machine

2017-02-13 by admin
The main malfunction and debugging method of barbecue bamboo stick sharpened machine:
1>. Mian malfunction:
1. Appearing back double materials sharpened during producing materials. 
2. Some stick missed sharpened after sharped
3. Single-sided sharpening(unqualified product).
4. The pattern polished not very well. 
bamboo stick sharpening machine
2>. Debugging method of sharpening machine: 
1. The 
Adjustment screw is made of adjusting the depth of the patterm. There are some main nuts of the machine, one is for adjusting the stick length, one is used for fixing knife, and another is for controlling the sharpening length. 
2. Once there appearing the back double materils, adjust the stick in the slots higher than the flat about half a millimeter. 
3. Loosing the roller with the tendons, try to reduce the screws, and press the spring, this step can reduce or avoid the friction between stick and machine.  
4. For the one side sharpening condition, that because the turning flat is lower, try to raise it. 
5. For the polished patten is not very evenly, it's because the polished models is far away from the materials, just get closer of them.


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