Upgrade of Puffed Cereal Bar Molding Machine

2016-12-19 by Lisa

cereal bar molding machine

GGFK-56 cereal bar molding machine is by far the most perfect models, we have been collecting customer experience in recent years, continuous improvement, has become the most mature products, continuous improvement, so far is the most mature products. GGFK-56 cereal bar molding machine adopts reverse structure, mold in mechanical transmission, in to prevent falling, sugar residue inside the machine, and 56 cereal bar equipment adopts full stainless steel structure, can be convenient for cleaning and cleaning, which greatly improves the level of health food manufacturers.

At the same time, considering the cold weather in winter, cereal bar production process, easy to cool down, 56 cereal bar molding machine use the full range of insulation hopper, so that the material to maintain adequate temperature and feeding evenly, no residue, which is also another type of incomparable.

In addition, in order to reduce the manual, 646 meters to the hopper and the host machine take sugar together, stirring well after directly into the host hopper, does not require manual handling. 

Also after taking into account the improvement of automation level, 56 cereal bar molding machine and materials packaging machine can realize seamless docking, realize the whole automatic production line, without any manual, if you want to know more introduction,please contact us.

56 molding machines are widely used in the production of peanut candy, rice candy, melon seeds candy, so the candy equipment is also popular, like rice candy machine, rice production line equipment, melon seeds sugar equipment. 


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