Talk about the value of starch

2016-12-19 by sherry
With the development of society, people's living standards are constantly improving. More and more people to move sweet potato to the table by its own reserves of rich nutritional value. But a single consumption of sweet potatoes can not meet the diverse needs of people on food. Therefore, the processing of sweet potato starch has become one of the indispensable food in people's daily life.
Talk about the value of starch 
The use of sweet potato starch summed up mainly in the following areas:
1. The use of sweet potato food processing: fruit, purple sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato baked sweet potato, sweet potato tip petiole, vermicelli, vermicelli, potato, French fries, potato cake, preserved potatoes, purple sweet potato.
2. The utilization of bio diesel oil from sweet potato starch processing. In 2007 the World Federation banned the use of rice, wheat, corn as the main grain of bio diesel raw materials, bio diesel research and development of all turned sweet potato starch. This piece of the market potential is huge.
3. Utilization of sweet potato starch processing: food packaging paper, clothing material, natural lead free cloth and etc..
4. Utilization of sweet potato starch in pharmaceutical processing: Western medicine tablet 85% is starch, human amino acid, animal with amino acid, deformation of starch (extraction of carotene, sugar syrup), food coloring, etc..
5. Green food, organic food processing and utilization of raw materials.
The value of starch is great, in order to adapt to market demand, the starch manufacturers should chose Gelgoog’s Sweet Starch Production Line, the mechanized production process of sweet starch is Conveyor - cleaning - breaking - screening - removing sand precipitation (or concentration)- dewatering- dry- air cooling package. we ensure the nutrition of starch can not lost. This line is fully automatic operating, high capacity, all stainless steel 304 cover meets to GMP standard.

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