Equipment for Seasoning Potato Chips

2017-01-17 by Tina
This single-drum potato chips flavoring machine is mainly used for flavor food, like peanut , potato chips, french fries etc.

Photo chips flavoring machine is a automatic mixing materials dressing equipment, this machine is equipped with automatic dusting function, gradient is adjustable, convenient operation, high output, safety and health, adopts frequency control of motor speed, mixing time is adjustable, uniform mixing materials, automatic discharge. Can be used alone, also can be used with production line. Can food seasoning, mixing materials of different shapes.

Photo chips flavoring machine uses the food grade stainless steel processing and manufacturing, convenient operation, high output, homogeneous mixing materials,can used alone and in the process of food production and food seasoning with production line to use. Can be on any food seasoning, mixing materials. Is the present domestic most advanced food seasoning equipment automatic control speed and the capacity of the materials, widely used in pipeline, continuity of flavor. Equipped with automatic feeding device, feeding device can adjust the size of the powder quantity, can be independent while dusting make seasoning not happen due to the different proportion, returned to the halogen seam formation of precipitation, caking, empty. Equipment by the base bracket, rotating roller, feeding device, transmission system, speed control system, etc. 

potato chips flavoring machine


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