Best Equipment for Peeling Sesame Seeds

2017-01-17 by Tina
The sesame skin peeling machine is applied for sesame soaking, sesame skin removing, sesame skin and kernel’s separating.collect all process together.
Sesame seed peeling machine machine is mainly composed of reducer, tanks, composite mixer, separator, heater, positioning device and the import and export of tube structure, etc.
Sesame peeling machine is vertical structure,internal space can be fully utilized small volume. simple structure, good appearance, easy operation, low maintenance rate. Adopted type mixer, this kind of stirrer can produce axial diversion. Radial distribution and ring to shunt effect, material turn fully, no dead Angle. The use of compound agitator, shortens the sesame seeds in a covered, peeling, separation time, improve the production efficiency, improve the quality of the products.

working principle:
Adding a certain amount of hot water to soda soda soaking bubble. Reducer driven stirrer rotation, due to the structural characteristics of composite agitator, the material up and down circulation flip, sesame and foam infusion mixture evenly and fully. Using blender and sesame friction,sesame and sesame friction, make the sesame and kernel separation, so as to achieve the purpose of sesame peeling.

sesame peeling machine


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