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Why People Choose Stick Noodle Processing Line?

2018-05-14 by Ellie

In the long-term development, the noodle production in China has more modern features with using the noodle pressing machine, and dough making equipment, but as for China's current stick noodles market, a single product is a major problem of restricting the development of the industry, if the innovation does not capture consumers, the future road will be more difficult. In recent years, with the improvement of national consumption level, China's stick noodles market ushered in another reform, because the traditional products with single taste and the eating purpose can’t meet the demand of consumers, so the nutritious accessories are more scientific and perfect. The stick noodles with special features are popular among customers. Nowadays, stick noodles on the market are produced by the stick noodle processing line in order to meet the market demand.
making stick noodle
As the famous country with delicacies, the taste of food is the primary standard for consumers to evaluate the stick noodles. The survey data shows that the primary standard of consumers to evaluate the quality of stick noodles is the taste, with a percentage of 66.3%. The second is elasticity of stick noodles, with a percentage of 19.5%. The percentage of price is 4.4%. The percentage of packaging and the place of origin are 3.5% and 2.7% respectively. Therefore, taste and elasticity is the main standard for consumer to evaluate stick noodles.
The stick noodle is made of salt, alkali and wheat powder with the process of hanging, drying and cutting. It has been one of the staple foods on the market for its good taste and low price. However, the noodles have nutritional deficiencies. Rice, noodles and other staple food has an irreplaceable important role for people's health, and it should account for 60% in the daily diet. Therefore, adding eggs in stick noodles can be a useful complement to lysine deficiency, which is one of the good ways to complement nutrition.
According to market survey, there are two forms for the stick noodles currently on the market: one is the stick noodle made of  egg powders, and the other is made of raw eggs.There are few stick noodle regarding eggs as raw material in the market, therefore, the noodle making enterprise should pay attention to the supervision of the materials that they use, in order to improve the taste and nutritious value of stick noodles, we should speed up the development of processing technology and equipment.

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