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The introduction of rice noodle making machine

2016-11-28 by Ellie

Cold noodle also called rice noodle, because the raw material of cold noodle is rice. It’s said that the cold noodle originated from China, and then it was introduced to other countries in the world. There is a characteristic of rice noodle that it can keep you warm in the winter, but also keep you cold in the summer, many be you will wonder how can it be so magical, in fact, we do not whether it can keep you warm in the winter, but it do keep you cold in the summer. The weather in summer is hot, and many people dislike eating hot food in summer, soup or hot meal in particular. As a new opportunity for consumers, there is no need for the rice noodle to be heated, and you can add some condiments and soup or vinegar in it, and then you can eat it, so it is a nice choice for people in summer. 
rice noodle making machine
In order to meet the huge market demand, the processing machine for rice noodles is invented and put into use widely. Especially in these countries which attach great importance to healthy life style, they are willing to abandon these unhealthy foods and like to eat a bowl of rice noodle. As we all know, with the developemnt of technology and equipment, fast food exists in every cornerof daily life. However, in recent years, with the emergencing of healthy conciousness, many traditonal foods are paid attention by conusmers one again, like ric noodles, peanut brittle, and stick noodles. 
rice noodle making machine
This rice noodle making machine is made of stainless steel, with durable performance and reasonable structure, and is equipped with direct thermal heating, what’s more, it can save more than 40% energy than other ordinary noodle making machine. It can keep the nutrition and taste of rice to a great extent, not only nutritious, but also healthy and delicious. There is one aspect that you need to pay attention to when using the machine, that it, you are supposed to wash the rice clean enough before you push it into the machine, because clean rice will make the noodle more soft and flexible. It is suitable for restaurant, special snack bar, and all kinds of food industry.
So how do you think of the rice noodle making machine now? There is another advantage that it is a multifunctional making machine, that is to say, manufacturers can achieve the completed production of rice noodles with one machine, which is different from the fresh noodle maker, stick noodle making machine and others. 

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