Drunkard Peanut: The famous brand of peanut in China

2016-12-19 by sherry
Drunkard Peanut: The famous brand of peanut in ChinaDrunkard peanut is a kind of Han flavor snack in Sichuan Province, it is popular with all age classes, from children to young men and women, from middle aged to old men. The main nutritional components of this snack is Vitamins B2.PP, A, D, E, calcium and iron and so on, contains the human body must amino acid, has the promotion brain cell development, enhances the memory the function.
Manufacturing standards of Drunkard are very strict, each peanut raw materials were through 7 sieve (7mm * 15mm) over the sieve acceptance, the per average reached 1.0g, The elimination of wormholes peanut is 100%. Selected capsules, big plump, Drunkard Peanut make sure that every  peanut's sweet , crisp and appetizing. Standard for edible oil is using Non GMO small mustard seed oil, fried peanuts, rapeseed oil just use one time, monitoring the acid value at any time during the frying process.
The raw material of Drunkard peanut is very simple, just peanut and some seasoning. It is easy to make it ay home. Firstly, prepare selection of peanuts, salt, pepper, fennel, cinnamon, then put them into a cylinder, add water, fully stirred, the right to use salt to dissolve, soak for two days. Thirdly, transter the peanuts and seasoning from cylinder to pot, boiling for 30 minutes. Finally, drip dry, baking on the oven, until peanuts are crispy, turning from time to time, the finished product made out.
In industry, the manufacturing process can use Gelgoog’s Peanut Frying Processing Line. The production prcess is “Soaking, Peeling, Drying, Frying, Deoiling, Seasoning, Cooling, Packing”. This line is made of stainless steel, it has high and stable output, it’s proper for the hotel, super market, restaurant etc, can be used for frying ,peanut,green bean ,broad bean etc,it’s very easy to operate,make the peanut delicious and healthy.
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