How to peel sesame skin ?

2016-12-24 by Tina
Sesame is not peeling in the process of the oil production However, due to the high content of fiber and oxalate (2% to 3% calcium oxalate chelate) in sesame seed or cuticle, the color of oil and meal is deepened and the cake is bitter. As human or other stomach animal protein resources, can only be used as cattle feed or fertilizer. Therefore, sesame as a food or sesame cake as a human protein resource utilization, usually requires peeling. after peeling sesame not only taste smoother, and more likely to be absorbed by human body. sesame peeling of the traditional method is to put the seed soaking in the water make up broken skin, and then use the buoyancy sorting method to separate the skin and seeds. when seed and flakes are separated, the density of the water can be adjusted with brine to facilitate better separation. it is more convenient to use for sesame peeling machine.

sesame peeling machine

Sesame peeling machine for vertical structure, can make full use of interior space, small volume, simple structure, good appearance, easy operation, low maintenance rate. Adopted type mixer, this kind of stirrer can produce axial diversion. Radial distribution and ring to shunt effect, material turn fully, no dead Angle. The use of compound agitator, shortens the sesame seeds in a covered, peeling, separation time, improve the production efficiency, improve the quality of the products.

This machine is mainly composed of reducer, tanks, composite mixer, separator, heater, positioning device, the import and export of tube structure, etc.
First pour sesame seeds into the container, add a small amount of caustic soda and hot water for sesame seeds covered for a few minutes, and then began to boot device, speed reducer drive agitator rotational, due to the structure characteristics of compound agitator, material circulation flip up and down, sesame and invasion bubble liquid mixing and fully. Working principle of the peeling process: using the blender with relative friction between sesame seeds, sesame seeds and sesame seed, sesame and benevolence, so as to achieve the goal of sesame peeling. working principle of the separation process: using the interception of separator, make sesame through the separator, being trapped and sesame benevolence, so as to achieve the goal of sesame peeling.


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