Few Westerners know the multiple uses of chopsticks

2016-12-19 by sherry
Chopsticks aren't just for digging into a spread of dim sum delights or a platter of sushi. These Asian utensils come in handy in many other situations:
Few Westerners know the multiple uses of chopsticksCraving Cheetos or other messy snacks? Use a pair of chopsticks to eat them, and keep your fingertips free of pesky orange dust.
Use a pair of chopsticks — longer, cooking-specific versions are best — to stir-fry, as their narrow ends allow for more precise movements than metal tongs.
Mixing ground meat with other ingredients for meatballs, meatloaf, and burgers requires a delicate touch, lest the meat get too mashed up and tough. Your hands are the best option (versus a fork or spoon), but when you'd rather avoid touching raw meat, a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks is the next-best alternative. Once you're done, they can be composted or tossed in the trash, thereby containing the raw meat mess.
A salad made up of delicate greens, crunchy croutons, and juicy berries can be frustrating to eat with a fork, as the force needed to spear up the different components varies widely. Swap out your fork in favor of a pair of chopsticks, and never send a crouton flying again.
While we always recommend using a thermometer when deep-frying, it's not really an option for pan-frying, as the amount of oil is too shallow. Instead, gauge whether or not the oil is hot enough by soaking a disposable wooden chopstick in water and then dipping its tip into the oil. If it's hot enough, the oil surrounding the chopstick will begin to sizzle as the water cooks out of the wood.
You don't need a pair of cooking tweezers for precise, restaurant-level food plating; chopsticks allow for similarly deft movements.
Can't find a cherry-pitter? A chopstick does the trick in a pinch.
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