Frying equipment market can not be ignored

2017-01-16 by Tina
Fried food fragrant crisp delicious, both traditional Chinese food twist, spring rolls and western fast food fries.Fried chicken is loved by many adults and children.but often eat Fried food healthy very adverse to the body. How to weigh between food and health? Wisdom of human beings can think method, that is in the frying equipment, using advanced Fried technology, the greatest degree of reserve nutrition, reduce the generation of hazardous substances.

Fried is developed in the late 1960 s and early 70 s a new food processing technology, has many unique and widely adaptability of processing raw material. Therefore, in the 80 s and 1970 s, the technology has made great development in USA and Japan, has sold vacuum Fried food in the world with fruit, vegetables, meat, aquatic products, etc. Our country in recent years, the research of vacuum Fried technology development is also very active, successively developed a banana, apple and other fruit and vegetable vacuum Fried products.

Oil degradation including oxidation and polymerization, thermal decomposition, and give priority to with water or water vapor and oil contact hydrolysis. In the process of vacuum frying, the oil is in negative pressure condition, dissolve in oils and fats in the gas, to escape quickly a large number of water vapor pressure is small, and frying temperature is low, therefore, the oil degradation is reduced greatly.

Nutrition, convenient, safe, green is the development trend of current food production. Leisure food more advocate is the function of "the health care keeping in good health" leisure food, effectively preserved food nutrition value in itself. A vacuum frying machine, don't have to worry about fat. As people health consciousness enhancement, vacuum frying equipment market cannot be ignored.

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